What would be the best way to end an already crazy Thanksgiving break?  I know! Throw a winter crafts party.  lol.  For real, I do that, and it’s always insane the two days before the party because of life. and procrastination.  But, I can’t imagine not doing it.  I fantasize about not doing it for a single moment, and then I take a deep breath and send out the invite.  It gets 95% attendance, every time.  And guess what? It’s not even that fancy. at. all.

So, if you ever get the crazy notion to throw a holiday crafts party for the kids, here’s the basic plan to make it a success.

How to throw a Holiday Crafts Party
Lock down date

Crafty Christmas Party for kids to kick off the holiday

Call 2-3 people to commit to the date before sending out the invites, so incase everyone else has commitments, at least some friends will show. (and probably carpool with others)

Send invite with details

Crafty Christmas Party for kids to kick off the holiday

You can do this however you like, but I always do Pancakes & PJs on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Aaaand, I start before 10am.  Now…some of you just cringed.  But here’s the thing, you don’t have to get your kid changed, and you really don’t have to feed them much that morning.  Plus you can roll straight into your leggings because you plan to get messy with crafts. (and its a fantastic excuse to either have a 3rd cup of coffee or 4 mimosa’s depending on your crowd/tolerance).  It’s actually a mad genius idea.

Decide on crafts

Find 3-4 medium to hard crafts. No paper construction stuff.  Not here.  Save that for the classroom.  This is where everyone gets to channel their inner Martha Stewart, and you also get to condition your kids to become Martha Stewart too, perpetuating the whole super-mom ideal.  BUT HEY, they end up having a good time, so we can deal with that later in life, or therapy. Right?!

Gather supplies for the crafts and food

Organize crafts into bins or buckets in advance so you don’t have any last minute surprises like…”who took the tape”, or “I thought we had a whole thing of glue”.  (chances are it’s now slime).

I usually wait to buy the food the day before, and then I announce loud and in my scariest voice, “this is for the party, touch it and suffer the consequences”.  Make a note that this is an area where you cut corners or you go cheap.  If you normally make homemade pancake mix, this is the time to buy the pre-made mix.  Or, you know that huge bag of pre-cooked bacon at Costco’s you would never serve in-fear-of-getting-cancer-from-pigs-fed-from-GMO-corn-meal?  Yep, just do it.  It won’t kill anyone or give them cancer in a single serving.  Just reheat, and BOOM. That’s when you pour yourself the second cup of coffee. (Obviously the first cup is immediately following the moment you come down the stairs and before you even speak words)

Crafts Party Fun

Tell Alexa to play some holiday music, burn your Nest candle, and throw down some craft paper to avoid permanent marker issues. Drink and be merry.  Now, I will say, this step does not work well, at. all. If you allow all the moms to drop off.  NO. NO. NO. Because that will make you a crazy person and you’re likely to cry silently in the bathroom later.  Nope! Require a few moms to HAVE to stay! So invite the good ones, so you can have fun and catch up on life over a beverage or two while glue gunning some stuff.

So that’s the nuts and bolts, and those 5 steps are massive undertakings to be clear.  Buttt…besides the general holly jolly and mimosa’s, there are end results that make your heart just melt. and isn’t that why we go overboard in the first place?!

Holiday Crafts Party Ideas that I have actually done and loved

Gigantic Snowflake (admittedly this was a friend’s idea, I probably would have overlooked, but the result is fantastic)

Hand Warmer

Lip Balm

Snow Globes

Bells Wreath

Mason Jar greens

Button trees

Holiday Cards

Craft Aprons

For more ideas for a holiday crafts party, follow my board on Pinterest DIY & Decor: Holiday for ideas to save year round!