I have a white sofa that we purchased 2 years ago, and it’s starting to get the frumpy look. You know the look when it looks like an army smashed it down even after you’ve fluffed up all the pillows? We aren’t quite ready to purchase another one since we are in the puppy stage, so I wanted to give it new life.  The first time around I purchased a few mud cloth pillows, to compliment our rug which also has a global pattern to it. But my family was not happy that pillows weren’t soft enough for them 🙄🙄, and the throw blankets were apparently too soft as they made their way into their bedrooms. 😂 This time around I wanted to make sure it was comfy + cozy (but I plan on protecting my throw blankets from disappearing!)  So here’s what you need to pull off a cozy look that also protects the sofa.

IMG_2035 2

  1. Find a twin sized blanket
  2. Find 2-3 new throw blankets
  3. Find 4-6 new throw pillows (if you have down, you will need pillow covers)
  4. Find some Febreze

First step is to take all the cushions and spray them down with Febreze INSIDE.  If you spray directly on the fabric you can leave a stain (and you probably have enough of those already- thank you orange popsicles!). Spray down the internal cushions and let them air outside (preferably) for a solid 30 minutes or longer if you can.  Put them all back together when they smell fresh.


Second step is to fold the twin size blanket length wise and tuck it around the seating portion of the sofa.  (you can open it up to cover the top if you like the look).  If you have a side chair, make sure you do this as well but with a throw blanket.  Essentially you want cover the seating area as much as possible if not altogether.


Third step is to layer pillows.  I start by just throwing them in a row, and then rotate them out each day until I find a pattern I personally like.  If you have a chair, give it one pillow that compliments but does not match the ones on the sofa.

Lastly, take your throw blankets and layer one (pick a side) on the top, start with it folded length wise and weave it through the pillows. The fold should have come undone a little to give it the “messy” look. Then take the other one, fold lengthwise and then in half and place it over the arm of the other side.  (this is the side that should be the most used!).

IMG_2038 2

Voila! Cozy + Soft plus an instantly protected sofa, and no one will know if there are a few chocolate smears or wine drippings on there!

Since I change over my sofa items once a year, I like to shop online at Target.  I usually check everything out at the store first for size, texture and comfort, but then place a single online order once I know a Home Sale is happening!  Plus I use my red card for the extra % off.  It’s a simple way to keep the sofa from getting ruined (even performance fabric eventually gets filthy), and if you aren’t quite ready for a new sofa, it’s a nice hack to get you by.

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