Need some laundry room motivation? We gave our little laundry room a makeover that we find swoon worthy. I adore our new washer & dryer to pieces. And I find myself enjoying laundry time! (and I struggle with laundry all the time) . I know it seems like the last place to make an investment, but given all the laundry we do for 2 kids, multiple activities, and dogs, we feel like it’s worth it.

The laundry room originally had a vinyl roll floor with a tiled look. It was peeling and cracked around some of the baseboard. This flooring was also in our children’s bathrooms. We decided that instead of fixing the baseboard and re-caulking, we would replace the floors completely. But we thought that it would be fun to give the laundry room a little personality. We found this tile at Lowes, and thought it looked amazing with the wood floors.
The tile for this floor was cut and spaced very quickly. The next morning they used a white grout and replaced the baseboard. 24 hours later we had a functioning laundry room again.
We removed the old washer + dryer 2 days prior to delivery so we could put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and replace the washer basin. Afterwards, we thought we needed a little texture on the walls. Since we did not order the bases for the front loaders this time, we thought this tile would make a nice statement. We ordered dark grey peel n stick tiles from amazon and stuck them to the walls as a backsplash.
laundry room makeover
Viola! A swoon worthy laundry room! We still want to do a few things like add a shelf just above so we have a space to fold clothes. And I am hoping to run across a fun laundry room sign at my local home goods to put up on the wall.

Samsung Washer

Samsung Dryer