Friends, do you ever feel like you have so much on your to-do list that you want to hire a personal assistant?  I do all the time!  These days, I am all about outsourcing when I simply can’t get to it or can’t be in two places at once.  But as for a personal assistant, I can’t follow through because somewhere in my crazy brain, I feel like it’s indulgent and selfish.  Even when it’s really not because most of what I have to do is for other people.

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But I figured out a hack that has helped me stay on track and get organized.  I am my own personal assistant for 1 day each month.  The first day of the month is when I block off my calendar for a few hours to plan and catch up on everything ME.  I mean, I take the time to catch up on the laundry each week, I take the time to catch up on housework or bills, but when it comes to my own list, I feel like it’s a never ending cycle.  So that one day I catch up, and my priority is ME.

That is the day that I put myself first.  I plan out all my appts, all my personal purchases, go through all my friends that I need to catch up with, and other correspondence that is my own.  This is make such a HUGE difference because then I can go back to my regular schedule and priorities the next day without the overwhelming feeling that I am on the back burner. This allows me the freedom to focus on all the other 7,001 things that make my life [and family] work. #momlife

Here is a list of what my priorities are:

  1. Make/follow up DR appts: primary, gyn, derm, dentist, etc
  2. Make/follow up appts for self care, such as hair, nails, etc
  3. Call backs/emails for my businesses, personal friends, etc
  4. Write down all my personal care items that are out of stock
  5. Create a wish list of items I would like, such as new perfume, or a pair of pumps
  6. Schedule my fitness schedule in my calendar for each week, so there is no winging it at the gym. (see upcoming post on how to keep healthy and fit)
  7. Update my whiteboard calendar with important events for me (my kids have their own), and my sales targets, or deliverables for each business or project so I have visual goals at all times.
  8. Plan out me time.  Anything that isn’t on the self care or fitness list, like retail therapy or binge watching a new show should get planned for the month so you can get what you need.scheduling_lifewithklg_selfcare

Sound a little crazy?  All of this takes about 2-3 hours of time, and a cup of coffee. It’s done and gives me a way to get on track and stay focused for the month.  No more – “I am out of my lotion” or “my brows look like teen wolf”  😉  Definitely worth the time, and I really appreciate it when the scheduled reminders pop up in my calendar to help me plan out my day.

Who is going to join me the first day of each month and become their own personal assistant?  Tag me!  #personalassistant @lifewithklg on facebook or instagram so I can congratulate you on your productive day!

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