How confident are you in your smile? Have you always wanted whiter teeth?  Have you hid your teeth for a long time?  I know I have.  Just a few months ago my kids called me out on how yellow my teeth were.  In the never ending battle of “go brush your teeth” they pointed out that I was not taking care of my teeth either because they were yellow. It made me self conscious. Mom- 0 vs Kids 1

I actually was floored because I’ve always tried to keep my teeth white.  I’ve used whitening toothpaste, and even did whitening trays several years ago.  I thought maybe I need to do that again, as I didn’t realize how bad they had gotten. But given all the coffee and red wine, it’s pretty easy to understand why they were so discolored. I was thinking about going back to my dentist but the cost of those trays and whitening gel was a couple hundred of dollars (not to mention co-pays for the visit), and I thought, there has got to be an over the counter solution by now – right?!

After researching, I found a brand that I felt had what I needed for almost half the cost!  annnnnnd I can do it all from home – including get new custom fitted whitening trays! (my old ones were a few years old and looking a bit gross to be honest). Plus I had some tooth sensitivity from the gel I used before so I was a bit concerned about how often I could use the trays without the painful feeling in my teeth whenever I drank or ate something.  I chose Smile Brilliant! Their system for whitening starts at $149 for sensitive teeth and goes up to $189 for those with very deeply stained teeth.  SOOOO much cheaper than the system I had gotten from my dentist a few years back!  I ordered it and I have to tell you- I am VERY impressed. I highly recommend it, and my husband even wants to start using it :). And I showed my kids my teeth one night at the dinner table and they could notice after a week!  HA HA- so there- Go brush your teeth!! 😉


Step 1: Making a mold of your teeth

It’s a system in which you create your custom fitting molds at home!  No need to sit in “the chair” and have someone gag you with their fingers 🙂  They give step by step instructions to use the putty to make your own mold. You can do it at your sink in just a few minutes.

Step 2: Send back to make custom fitted trays

Then you place the molds into an envelope they provide you and drop them off at the post office.  Each tray is custom coded for your account so they know everyone’s trays when are returned.  Within a few business days, they return to you perfectly fitted silicone trays!  I was so impressed that they were so snug with my teeth! No sliding around and I could talk pretty easily in them.


Step 3: Whiten daily

I was ready, the first time I only did my front teeth as I was so worried about that pain that comes from using the gel, but after 45 minutes, I felt totally fine.  The next two sessions I increased my time to 1 hour, and then used the de-sensitzing gel for 20-30 minutes afterwards and I felt fine!  Now I can use the gel for up to 3 hours and my teeth are fine! that de-sensitzing gel is magic I tell ya!



In two weeks I have only gone through 2 1/2 of my 9 applications. Leaving me plenty of gel to continue whitening. (Tip: whiten at a slow pace, as your sensitivity will increase if you do too much too soon)  Plus if I want to do a maintenance session, it’s only $35 to refill my teeth whitening gel, and $19 to refill the de-sensitizing gel.  Significantly less than a $100?! – I am sold.



I love this so much that I reached out to Smile Brilliant to work with them on trying to get my friends to try the system and they have agreed to give away a FREE system! No purchase necessary! Free to enter!

To enter (open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia), follow this link :

If you want to do your own research, check out more teeth whitening reviews or shop the teeth whitening kit that is right for you.  Use coupon code: lifewithklg (lowercase) in check out .  If you get a system, please share your before and after pictures with me!!! and tag me  #smilefearlessly @lifewithklg


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