You know it’s time to update your teen’s bathroom when they are suddenly spending more time in there 😉 One day you’re begging them to shower, and in a blink of an eye, they come out of their room not only showered, but with hair and make up done. Check out our teen bathroom makeover!

I have to admit, making over a bathroom for a teen was a little bit more difficult than I anticipated. The cabinet painting was new to us, but the difficulty was in the decision making: color, hardware, style, etc. As a parent I wanted something clean and neutral that would last us another 4-5 years. But that didn’t always mesh well with what she wanted. Thankfully it turned out perfect for her. She appreciated having a new pretty space. Linking all the resources here, including bathroom items for teens, as I know it’s hard to shop for them 🙂

Teen Bathroom Makeover Resources:

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