I joined Chloe & Isabel about 3 weeks ago and so far I am really enjoying it. I am not even selling that much, but I am loving the community and support aspect of this group of amazing people. There are teams, mentors, Facebook groups for sharing content and ideas, groups just for newbies and a whole team for business support. But what is just down-right, heart-breaking are the newbies that are reaching out because they are hitting a wall with their social circle because they are trying to sell them. People shutting them down and out, “crickets” they say. Of course they are all met with resounding encouragement to “keep going”, “don’t give up”, “you can do it”, yet you can hear their disappointment in their words and you just want to hug them. All of their hopes and excitement about this huge personal investment they are making in themselves is diminishing because they don’t feel like they are getting anywhere.  They are feeling like they have failed.  Why? Why do we shut people out or down for trying to sell us something?  Why do we dehumanize people and immediately react annoyed?

We are messaged daily via inbox, social media, magazines, tv and more about what we should be buying. We don’t seem to mind when Old Navy is trying to sell us pixie pants we don’t need (or fit)-right?   We are ok with being told what the color of the year is and then rush to the store to buy home decor in serenity and rose quartz.  If someone doesn’t like the type of product being sold, that is one thing – but when you have a group of people that walk around wearing jewelry all the time from a store BUT they have shut out their friend for trying to sell it to them, well…what’s up with that?

I know jewelry is easier for me to talk about here, so let’s think about the guy knocking on doors asking about solar power? If Home Depot had a DIY solar power section, I bet people would shop that. But if a guy tries to tell you that your neighbors are working with him and he would love to share his data on energy savings, well…make sure you cut him off and slam the door! And don’t even think about going into that shoe department because the salesperson is going to ask you what size he can bring you!  (Just wait & hide  till he’s with another customer). Kim Kardashian’s need for contoured cheekbones is a hot topic, and everyone wants to know how to get the look, but are you welcoming your local Beautycounter rep into your home? No- because she might -god forbid-sell you something.

I am sure everyone has their reasons for not buying stuff, and I get that you can’t buy everything that is presented to you. But when did we start relating more to the people in the ads from major retailers than the real people right in front of you?  And why?

I don’t know why we started being annoyed at real people for selling. I don’t know why retail can market us all day long and we welcome it. I don’t know, but PLEASE show respect to your friend/family that just started selling essential oils, or body cleanses, or whatever. They did it for a personal reason, and I think everyone should take the time to find out. No purchase necessary, just be human. And if you don’t like it, then feel free to respond to them and politely say no. Then head over to Target to buy what you really need.

And to those who started selling stuff because you actually like what you are selling, then…