In 2017 -2018, for 18 months straight, I gained 30 lbs. I had always weighed 125-135 during my adult life, even after kids.

Except, very slowly, I started gaining 1 pound at a time, and despite a week’s of dieting and exercise, I couldn’t lose weight. So I would get depressed and eat again. I was convinced that something was wrong. That something didn’t add up. When I weighed 155 lbs, I went to a weight loss specialist here in San Diego.

The weight loss center/program helped me get back on track. They coached me to re-think about food and lifestyle. There were supplements but also prescriptions. Appetite suppressants to be exact. I wasn’t in control of myself, so I felt it was all a necessary means.

Friends- It took me 9 MONTHS! The plan was only 3 months, but I had some plateaus. (like weeks of plateaus). I was starting to eat again. Getting depressed again. I had to really wrestle with my feelings about wanting to eat whatever I wanted, versus what my body needed. Also, I had to deal with my wine drinking problem. P-R-O-B-L-E-M. I was drinking WAAAY too much wine. I’ve had to learn to drink lighter drinks, and drink less frequently. Wine drinking was the biggest hurdle to my goal, and the main reason why I plateaued for so long. Unfortunately, drinking is everywhere and it’s hard to say no when you associate drinking with having fun. So I had to decline invitations to many things because I really wanted to stay focused on my goal.

Happily, in June 2019, I weighed in at 120.5lbs! Goal achieved!

Now for the next chapter. To do it on my own! I decided to do to the Arbonne 30 day Healthy living plan. I had tried it a few years ago and felt great, so I decided to give it a go, knowing that the weight loss center was always there. Over the course of the summer, I weaned myself from the suppressants and I followed the Arbonne plan for 4 days a week, and then I would have 3 “cheat” days. Those days were usually reserved for weekends when I could enjoy more foods, and drink my wine again. I am happy to report that I’ve maintained my weight at 123lbs in the months since meeting my goal.

In the end, the biggest lesson I had to learn is that my body just can’t handle all the toxicity from the alcohol and the unhealthy foods. Even so, it’s still a struggle to balance out my habits versus my needs. I never understood what a “weight loss journey” meant until this past year. The journey is in the internal struggle of coming to terms with what you should not be doing. Thankfully for me, I have had my Arbonne plan to help me get back on track anytime I go astray.

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