Have your Saturday nights started to become, well- different– than they used to be?  😉 Not to worry, you’ve joined the married with kids club!  Here are a few ways to keep from going crazy when you don’t get out of the house on the weekends…

Movie & a Picnic

This is a classic twist on the usual plan, but instead, move all the furniture out of the way and put a huge blanket down or beach towels and as many pillows you can find (or sofa cushions).   Then make all the kiddos favorite foods and appetizers for you & your spouse.  Put everything down on the ground and grub away while you watch Boss Baby or Captain Underpants for the gazillionth time.


Have the kiddos plan a menu, help cook the items, and use aprons while they take their order.  It requires a few hour prep time so you can make sure you have all their menu items on hand, but it gives them something to do while you catch up with your spouse.   Also staples sells “guest checks” so you can even go a step further by asking them to price out everything and then give them cash for all their hard work! (not to mention it reinforces math skills) Tip: dress up in fancy clothes and have them pretend it’s a fancy restaurant!

Dance Night

Have Alexa be the DJ and allow the kiddos to put on performances after dinner. This is a great way to work off any energy that dessert may have started.  You can make it even more interesting by having a dance off, and every one can take turns.  The kids will think it’s hilarious when you start to moonwalk 🙂

Paint & Sip

No need to book a studio for this popular idea.  Just give everyone their own canvas and have them either follow your instructions or let them design their own. Just cover up the dining room table with plenty of newspaper!  (the sipping is for the parents!)

Campfire & Smores

If you have a fire pit or fire place, this is an easy winner with the kids.  You can bundle up and sit by the fire.  Grab lots of blankets and some hot cocoa.  BUT use the MICROWAVE for the smores (or the oven if you want).  just serve on a platter and enjoy the cozy goodness.  If you are outside, take the opportunity to show them the stars.  It’ll make them feel like it’s a mini-camp out.

If you have so creative ideas, then tell me in the comments!   I love trying out new things with the kids  ~ klg