My husband and I love to point out to our children all the time about how when we were kids, we were often served steak on a plate, with one shared bowl of rice or potatoes. His mom always cooked rice and my mom always cooked mashed potatoes.  See, our parents worked full time and it was the 70’s and 80’s, where kids were not the center of the universe. Also, because our kids don’t fully understand how lucky they are to be served a huge platter full of food, with a variety of options.  Our kids will negotiate how many bites they are required to eat against their will before they get some dessert no matter how many sides, or options there are 😉

With the long summer days, we love to grill at least once a week.  Even though we live in San Diego, and grilling all year round is an option, there is just something about grilling at 7pm on a summer night.  It’s just different, dare I even say special or magical. In order to make feel even more special, and not just “steak on a plate”; we get a little fancy sometimes.  We’ve been complimented several times over for how awesome everything looks when we do this with friends.  I am going to share this basic “how to” so you can start doing this for yourself.  But, be aware, once you start this habit, you may not be able to stop 😉

To be clear, this isn’t rocket science, it’s just a presentation style, but it leaves your guests salivating, and takes summer dinners to a new level.

  1. Start with the largest platter you own, and I am talking at least 18+ inches in diameter.  The bigger the better 😉
  2. Make a simple salad. This can be tossed Brussels, pasta salad, etc.  My favorite to serve like this is basic Romaine Hearts cut into quarters, and the bottoms left on in order to create a large stalk.  I take the salad and put it on the plate first in 1/4 of the platter.
  3. I next place my grilled veggies on either side of the salad, or your choice of starch such as fries, potatoes, rice, etc.  In the summer, we will sometimes do homemade fries or roasted baby potatoes if we already have two veggies.
  4. Add sliced steak or chicken in the last 1/4 of the platter. If you do have a larger plate, and extra sides, then you can always add the steak or potatoes to the center of the platter.
  5. Serve with serving utensils, and put a bottle of wine and a bottle of water on the table and Voilá!

It is the easiest to serve and clean up, and guest are impressed that you made such gorgeous food!  If you need a rosé wine, check out my recommendations in this post here.chickenbroccoli_intermission_lifewithklggrilledromainesalad_intermission_lifewithklg

Grilled Steak & Roasted Veggie Platter at