Summer is here and that means that it’s a perfect time to drink rosé wine.  But I have always found it hard to find a good rosé that is refreshing, has a great taste … and does NOT GIVE ME A HEADACHE.  This last part is the most crucial to me.  I love to drink a cold glass of wine on a hot day, but if I start to have a headache from it within an hour of drinking, then it’s not worth it.  In an effort to find the perfect rosé wine for summer, I grabbed a few bottles on my last target run.  Yes! Wine from TARGET.  The best part is, you get 10% off a 6 pack, and the additional 5% off if you use your Red Card.

After some experimenting, I found 2 wines that are perfect for summertime sipping!  AND both are distinct, so you could actually serve them side by side at your bbq!


YES WAY ROSÉ – price $12.99

California Roots– price $5.00

YES WAY ROSÉ is a perfectly light wine, with a citrusy vibe, and extremely light on the tongue. I would highly recommend this wine if you are a Pinot Grigio fan.  It’s light and not too sweet, no headache after an hour, but a whole bottle is possible ;).  I recommend this for a Saturday afternoon in the backyard or a gift to a friend/hostess.


California Roots is the $5 per bottle brand at Target.  I grabbed this wine, fully expecting a wine cooler.  No joke, the reviews on the whites and reds were pretty bad.  But I was so  thrilled to find out it was quite good.   If you are a buttery Chardonnay person, I recommend this for day drinking, and it’s ok with snacks as it has a bit more flavor than the other bottle. I actually drank the whole bottle (over the course of hours) and no headache!  So grab this bottle if you are buying in bulk, perfect for backyard bbq, parties, etc where you have to stock up on multiple bottles.


So next time you are on your target run, grab these two bottles and do your own tasting, and let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear your opinion, and thoughts!


*please note* – I am wine consumer, not a connoisseur 😉  With that said, I drink many cheap wines, and would not publish this article if I did not think it was decent enough to purchase again.  Both will be on my list for the exact reasons stated above: gifts, splitting a bottle in the afternoon, or party at the house.