Waking up with a bit of a hangover? Let’s start by saying that – Sleep! – is the single best way to restore your body! But do you need a little relief before taking that morning nap?

My three go-to’s for relief…
  • 1) B12 – gets depleted during excessive drinking, and is needed for brain function/mood balance.
  • 2) Fruit and bread – this is a time when your brain may need to get glucose fast. Why? – your brain doesn’t store glucose, it’s depending on food as it’s energy source. Getting a small amount of simple carbohydrates followed by a protein and healthy fat meal should aid that headache.
  • 3) Potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium are minerals that our body needs to help with hydration and pH balance. Alcohol makes us dehydrated, and if you are already dehydrated from exercise/sweat, or your pH is off from all the acidic foods you may have eaten the night before or first thing (like coffee)- Take an electrolyte beverage (or two) to help restore your mineral levels. Water alone may not be enough!
Consider these foods/drinks to help you out:
  • eggs with potatoes
  • fortified cereal high in fiber and paired with a fortified DHA milk
  • bananas with yogurt
  • avocados with a multi grain bread
  • hot water with extra lemon juice
  • coconut water

Also, I highly recommend an energy beverage that can help with all three. There are many brands today that market energy drinks. You want to make sure that they don’t have artificial ingredients or preservatives, or are high in sugar. Our favorite is Energy Fizz Sticks from Arbonne.

Energy Fizz Sticks also enhance cognitive performance, help promote endurance, enhance motor performance, and help reduce fatigue.◊ Source: arbonne DISCLAIMER: Life in the Wellness Lane supports Arbonne nutrition.
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