Did you cry when denim skirts went out of style a few years ago? You loved that they were long and covered up any flaws, but still perfect for hot summery days. Lucky you, they are cool again and you don’t have to worry about pressing that annoying hem. The trick is to get a light to medium blue skirt with a “raw” hem.  This means it’s been undone, or was never hemmed.  This eliminates that need to press the hem after the skirt has been washed & dried. Which is a good thing, cause who has time for that?

Pair with a striped tee and sandals and you are #ontrend.  For late fall, you’ll be pairing them with boots and a sweater, so definitely worth buying now. (and maybe you can catch some on sale)

$69.50, Now $39.99 as sizing is running out

J. Crew


$34.99 and it comes in two washes



$85.00 at Nordstrom