Gentlemen, welcome to the holidays!  I know shopping for your spouse can sometimes be a challenge so as a courtesy to my customers, I have pulled together this Gift Guide for Husbands. Obviously, you know your wife well and probably already know what you are buying for Christmas, so these are simply ideas to help with stocking stuffers or add-on gifts from the kids.  Attached is this guide in a PDF for you to print and put in your wallet for whenever you get stuck while shopping.
I wish you all a painless shopping season, Cheers!
1. Dry Shampoo
Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo
Your wife probably already has a dry shampoo, but this is the “Cadillac” of Dry Shampoo.  So treat her with the best.
2.  Perfumed Body Creme
Jo Malone Body Creme
Body Creme is a thick moisturizer that helps your wife’s skin stay super soft especially during these dry days.  This one is infused with Jo Malone’s top fragrance, Peony & Suede Blush.  Try out all the Jo Malone fragrances and body cremes at Blue Mercury or Neiman Marcus.
3.  Curling Wand 
Hot Tools Curling Wand
It’s possible your wife has one of these already, but if you know that she’s been the market for a new one, this one is well priced and on Prime Delivery.
4.  Salon Time
Spa Finder
Find your wife’s favorite salon and get her a gift card for 3 pedicures.
5. Bling
Chloe and Isabel
I recognize this is self serving here, but your wife loves jewelry.  Even if your wife isn’t into big necklaces or earrings, she loves a sparkly pair of stud earrings and a versatile bracelet or necklace.  *many items on deep discount for Black Friday & Cyber Monday*
6.  Hair Dryer
Dyson Hair Dryer
This item is a pricy one, but again this is the latest & greatest in technology as far as hair dryers go.   It is on display at Bed, Bath & Beyond if you want to check it out yourself. (Don’t forget your 20% off coupon!)
7.  Classic Perfume
Atelier Cologne
If your wife isn’t into scented bath & body gels or creams, this is a classic everyday scent she can layer with her usual perfume or lotions.
8.  Shoes & Hand bags
It’s probably no secret that your wife loves her accessories, so slip a $100 gift card from Sole Society into her stocking.
Sole SocietySole Society
9.  Subscription box
Give a gift that gives all year round.  A subscription service for a year treats your wife every month or quarter.  Below are some of the most popular:
PopSugar Must Have Box
PopSugar Must Have Box


Book of the Month Club
Book of the Month Club
Wine Club
Winec Wine Club
10.  Cleaning & Laundry
Want a well rested happy wife?  Have a cleaning service come to do a one time deep clean of the house.  The Works: appliances, floors, carpets, windows, etc.  If you already have a cleaning team, then you can probably just schedule it with them on a special day & time. Pitch in with the kids to do the laundry as well, and give your wife the satisfaction of knowing everything is done.  It helps clear her mind, and relaxes her when all those chores are complete.  If you want to go the distance, then get the car detailed as well.  If she can’t afford to be without her car for the day, then lend yours and you can Uber or rent for the day.  I know the extra cost seems silly, but it’ll really go a long way to have her feel like she really has the day off from all her hard work.
Best Gift EVER
happy shopping!
xo, klg