Now that the temps are going to drop you might wonder if you should treat yourself to a new pair of jeans for fall.  If you want to be on trend, try these newly popular denim styles …

embroidered jeans

embroidery has been making it’s way back into clothing trends since 2016 with embroidered flowers on tops.  Now the popular trend is making it’s way onto your everyday denim.


uneven and unhemmed ankle jeans

uneven and unhemmed lines starting becoming more popular at the end of spring and are continuing into fall. This trend is now seen in all washes and sometimes is two shades calling attention to the unhemmed detail.


mom jeans

so you may be saying, mom jeans- yeah right…  no one in their right mind is bringing back those 1980’s Levis. except, yes, yes they are.  the difference is that these jeans are to be worn loose and and with shorter length tops.


ripped jeans

If you own a pair of distressed jeans, chances are you’ve accidentally put your foot through that tiny slit in the knee and slowly over time that slot has turned into a huge hole.  Now you can buy a pair with larger holes.  If you are of a certain age, this may be the better option- if you have just a slit in your jeans, then the skin of knee tends to push forward and get a squished look.  It’s not so cool to have knee fat hanging or squeezing out of jeans.  So the ripped holes are actually a better option.


cropped flare jeans

this cute trend started in spring with wide leg crops and continues into flares. If you are a big fan of Capri’s, then you should definitely buy a pair before the shorter length disappears for winter.



Whatever you choose, denim never goes out of style so snap a selfie or picture of your favorite pair and tag me and #momjeans. I’ll be sure to like your post!