I have been updating my closet, and I have found that I have many items left from the last two years that are either 1) worn out 2) no longer fit or 3) just simply out of style already. So I have been trying to find pieces that are more timeless yet still on trend.

With some extra time this past weekend, I took a trip to Old Navy. Old Navy isn’t in our local mall, and it’s a few miles away so it’s a destination for me, but it is such a treat when I get the time to go there by myself. It’s been almost a YEAR (yes) since I’ve been, and I took my time trying to find all the cute stuff. Not all of it made my cart due to not having my size or having too many of one thing in my cart, but with sales, I made it under $250 for quite a few pieces, including 2 dresses.  Below are my exact picks, and a few that I wanted to buy but showed some self constraint :).  Hope this saves you time from going to the store! Also, if you order online, they usually have a coupon code to give you a discount. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram with @lifewithklg and #myoldnavypicks to show me how you styled your picks! Happy Shopping!

PS- I wanted to include Plus Size for all my mamas with curves 😉

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