The Pantone report on spring colors was released on September 6, 2017, over 6 months ago. There were many bright and bold colors reported for spring fashion, but the color that is going to be noticeable to your average female shopper is Cherry Tomato. Maybe you’ve seen it already popping up in your local stores. But this fiery red is on trend, and it’s everywhere.

But before you dismiss this bold color because it’s just too…well, RED, think of this…with every color, there will be a variation of that color. So for all the Cherry Tomato colored items, there will likely be an increase of your basic red items everywhere. So in a nutshell friends, RED in any bold hue is in style for spring. Feel free to buy the red dress now, don’t wait for 4th of July! Don’t wait for Memorial Day to wear that sleeveless top! Or feel free to show off those bright red pumps you’ve been hiding for years. Red is not just for summer this year, so feel free to paint the town red!  I’ve done the research for you, and found many options ideal for every day mom life.

Stylish options for moms… For those that are just anti-red, feel free to go with your basic neutrals of white, sand, and navy. And don’t cry just yet, your blush crush isn’t coming to an end! Almost Mauve is the spring pink for everyone to embrace, as it’s the prettiest pale pink you’ve ever seen!


Comment below on your thoughts on this spring’s red trend, and feel free to tag me on Instagram with your Cherry Tomato outfit pic! -klg xo

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