A few months ago I decided to splurge on myself and sign up for Trunk Club.  I was very busy with my kids stuff, my stuff, life, etc.  and realized that I needed a few new items for summer.  So I went through a questionnaire, filled out a profile and was assigned a stylist.  We chatted back and forth several times before she prepared me a trunk.  I was able to preview what was in the trunk, decide what to send, and what not to send before I received it!  This to me was amazing, because I never had that option with Stitch Fix.

The trunk she sent the first time was so amazing.  I kept only a few pieces due to size or fit, but the style was perfect.  Next thing I knew, I was ordering another trunk within a few weeks (much to my husband’s dismay).  Again, I kept a few pieces and sent some back.  Then she reached out to me a few weeks later asking me if I wanted another trunk with some new pieces for my trip, as she knew what dates I was going on vacation.  The trunk again was great! It came down to size and fit again, but I scored some really cute sandals for my trip along with a few more pieces!

I highly recommend trying the service at least 2x a year to update your wardrobe.  It allows you to try on at home and return whatever you want without issue. And you can cater your trunk to a particular style too, again not an option for Stitch Fix.  You can order a trunk just for Wardrobe Essentials, Athletic Wear, Formal, Date Night, Casual, etc.   and you get to preview it all before it is sent!

Trunk Club

If you want to get started on Trunk Club for yourself or for your husband, you can create an account here.  Let me know how your experience goes!