Friends- if you somehow missed it, please know that Target launched a new brand called “Universal Threads” on February 4th.  While I knew it was launching that day, as it was advertised to me via email, not to mention the whole “pre-order” status on for the last month, or the insane social media build up-  some people simply didn’t know about it yet and maybe still don’t.  If you are one of those people- please know this is Target’s bread & butter, tried & true- All-Americana, in every size, for every one – brand.  It no longer segregates the age groups like it had in the past with Xhileration, or Mossimo and Merona. NOOOOOOO.  Age now transcends brands…its more about lifestyle, and Universal Thread is for the everyday casual people.

NOT to be confused with “A New Day” which is supposed to attract stylish on trend customers, or “Knox Rose”, the romantic bohemian types or “Who What Wear”, a dressy/business oriented collection, no…”Universal Threads” covers a majority of people, and is offered in two size ranges for every sku, a first for Target. Previously, plus sizes were either select skus, or for their own collection.  The unfortunate part of a plus size only collection is that they aren’t as trendy, and they don’t offer the same appeal. So this brand is truly universal in that it shares same style, for everyone (ideally).

With all that said, I checked out the collection on my last #targetrun (I have sick kid and needed to re-stock on cold meds!), and since I had child care at the moment, I took a few extra minutes to check out the sweet collection.

In general, most items are fantastic, and I can’t say I totally hated anything. Some stuff just wasn’t for me, and trying to decide what I was going to walk away with around $100 was extremely hard (confession- I was $103!)  So many pieces made my cart, only to be put back for another, or out of pure guilt for spending too much 🙂  

If you found a piece you love, please tag me @lifewithklg so I can see your #targetstyle!

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