The must have accessory this spring is a straw bag. They are popping up every where in stores, and they are all over instagram.

The most popular styles are…

straw bag trend-2

The most popular styles are… so adorable HOWEVER, they are not practical for every day mom life.  They are usually small, so not enough room for all the things. Plus some don’t close or have a pocket, so chances are your lipgloss or phone is going to fall out.  Then there are the ones that are open (meaning no liner) and everyone can see your gazillion receipts, what gum you chew, and that banana you stuffed in your bag for your child 😂  and let’s be clear here mamas, carrying less items around is just not optional 95% of the time.

To help save time, I pulled together a group of bags that fit a mom’s lifestyle (and budget)…did I mention these bags will double as fantastic beach/book/craft bag all summer long?! And as always if you find something in target that catches your eye, grab it before it’s gone 🙂

Unique + Affordable | Lifetime Guarantee | Chloe + Isabel by Life with KLG