Church outfits were always a dress when I was growing up, and while I have definitely moved beyond the dress only days, I do like to dress up for church.  I also enforce this for my children as well because they will take full advantage if I don’t put some type of dress code in place for church (like showing up in pajama pants).  While, I typically dress up jeans with a blouse, or a pretty sweater, etc.  This past weekend was Mother’s Day and I felt like a tee and jeans.  So I went with it. I simply added some of my gold jewelry to dress it up. My kids were happy to wear their casual clothes, and it ended up being one less argument.

But that’s not the real story, the real story behind the outfit is that I ended up having to sit in the kids church with my youngest.  A friend was going to be at church and when they did not show up my youngest had a melt down and insisted on going home.  It was toddler style, and of course embarrassing.  In general, I was happy to be comfortable that day, because if I were in a dress and had to deal with that, I might have lost my own mind  😉 Note to all the mamas: the social anxiety meltdowns don’t have an age expiration! So be patient if one pops up out of the blue!