Every once in a while I splurge on an item at Anthropologie.  In fact, this past trip I splurged on three 😬  one being a pair of joggers that have increasingly become my go to weekend pant, this skirt, and a polka dot dress.  The dress was a massive disappointment. Words cannot say how much I loved the idea of the dress, but in reality it just didn’t work.  It kinda felt like dating in my 20’s.  You know when you visit that one article in your closet and you try it on several times before you show it off to the world? But it didn’t fit me in the top properly and caused me to fidget with it, and even with the fidgeting it never was quite right.  So I had to break up with it, sad to say.

But this skirt on the other hand was a match made in heaven ❤️.  I took a leap of faith and sized down.  It is tight just around the waist, but the skirt is SO full that my normal size might have been too much. I feel like twirling non stop 😉 So feminine and perfect with a simple white top.  It was so perfect indeed that I decided to shoot all my pictures for the Smile Brilliant post in this outfit.  My advice is to sometimes make the big splurge, as while sometimes you’ll be disappointed, other times it’ll be a match made in heaven 😉