#NSALE 2018 Mayhem is underway.  Everyone is promoting, marketing, talking about the #NSALE.  Just research #nsale on twitter or instagram to understand the level of conversation it is evoking.  Yesterday, their site froze up several times. As a former e-commerce manager, I can tell you that is BAD. Beyond the fact that you lost purchases on the first day because of those technical issues, it just LOOKS bad.  But I can promise you somewhere in the walls of Nordstrom’s corporate office, someone was getting their ass handed to them 🙂 The fact that an email went out to cardmembers to come back that same day to finish their purchase, and they would somehow figure out how to give 10X the rewards points, and it was signed by Erik Nordstrom,  is indication enough that it was not a good day for them!

But why was the first day SO big, and a recipe for something going wrong?  Well, as much as their technical side was not on par, the marketing teams delivered. They brought the traffic, who brought the traffic. I am talking about the style blogging community woke up at 12:01 EST, and hit the site.  Because being the first to talk about something, increases your own traffic. And of course, when those style blogger’s followers woke up, they too were hitting the site, shopping the recommendations. Some of the style bloggers with larger audiences were even invited the day prior to their local stores to try-on, buy, and film their shopping trip, and within 24 hours, these style ninjas had already pumped through photo shoots of everything they had, in hopes to help their audience decide what to purchase with the #NSALE.

Honestly, I wish I could have done all of that as well, as it seemed kinda fun! I am sure it was a long day for them, but if your job is to go and shop at Nordstrom and take pictures of everything? or get up at the crack of dawn- I mean, that is way more fun than cleaning a kitchen when your dishwasher is broken, or break up a girl fight, shuffle your kids to their appointments, and clean up dog puke. But last night, when all got quiet, not only did I get the opportunity to make a purchase for myself, I wrote down a list of items that I thought were smart buys.  And it just so happened that there was 25!  So ultimately, yes I too am joining the conversation.  Except, I have a different mentality.  I am not going to suggest to buy the latest and greatest.  I am not going to secretly direct you to the heaviest stocked skus.  I am going to be true to myself, and recommend things I think are the wise buys. (a bit of a take on wise guys- funny- no?)  Each year, I see the Anniversary Sale as a way to save on fall/winter items.  Not just to load up on the cutest shoes (admittedly, I did find a pair of cute heels), but point being that’s when winter coats, boots, sometime bigger priced items are better priced.  And if you didn’t already pick up on it, they sell out FAST because the price is THAT good.

Wait- what did I buy?  Well, I have a wedding next weekend, and nothing fits. and I mean NOTHING, this weight gain thing has gone from bad to worse. But since I can not lose 20 lbs in a week, and my doctor appointment isn’t till after my trip, then Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale was the answer.  I even splurged with a Saturday delivery so I didn’t have to wait.  I bought jumpsuits, sheath dresses, and then a few fall items for myself, such as a tee, a new pair of heels, and a cardigan.  I probably won’t wear the heels nearly as much as the tee & cardigan, but it’s that one time of year that the prices are the best price, so it’s best to buy now.

Drum Roll Please…. my picks for wise buys.  Don’t get overly excited, because these are very practical and dare I say “boring” – but hey I have a #momlife 🙂

For the House:  I found very little I thought was had a ton of value, but these two are a great price and make perfect gifts, so stock up on these for birthday presents, Christmas presents, etc.

iconNordstrom at Home Marble + Acacia Serving Board
iconNEST Bamboo + Grapefruit Reed Diffuser Duo

Travel: Since I am traveling for a wedding, I had travel on my mind so I found these items that are perfect items at a fantastic price.  And I realize not everyone can stand SPANX, but ladies it serious is the best thing to wear under a midi dress.  I highly recommend buying 2 pairs at this price.  The dress is a perfect work/event dress, and for the price you can get basic black, and a colorful one.  The sets are perfect for your toiletry bag!

iconNordstrom Chevron 20 inch Carry-On

iconEliza J Ruffle Sleeve Sheath Dress
iconiconiconSPANX Power Conceal-Her Mid Thigh Shaper

iconiconKopari Coco A Go Go Set

icon Jo Malone Discovery Collection

Working out: The price on these leggings is to die for. Let’s get smart and buy one in each color (the price is that good!) and you’ll never have to worry about being embarrassed by wearing the same ones to barre class.  Plus if you have a teenager girl, these are to be purchased in bulk ;).

iconZella Live In High Waist Leggings $35.90

Kids: Let’s face it, they need a new jacket every year.  Have one waiting in the closet.  And the boots are such an expensive cost for the few times they wear them before they out grow them.  So buy at this price, don’t wait till they are full price again!

iconNordstrom Elliott Blazer

iconTucker + Tate Zip Up Hoodie
icon iconThe North Face Mossbud Reversible Water Repellent Jacket

iconicon Tucker + Tate Finley Boot
iconiconUGG Daelynn Bow Boot


Women’s Essentials:  Time for the moms! I shop the sale each year, looking to upgrade my basic items, or replace something that has simply worn out. I selected the best value for the jackets, boots, and hand bags!  And I know it’s hard to think boots + jackets when you are sweating in your shorts, but with these prices, it’s best to buy now, and save them in your closet for later.

icon  Trouve Drape Front Jacket
iconicon Gotham II Down Parka
iconiconJ Crew Olga Boiled Wool Topcoat

iconUGG Daelynn Boot

iconFrye Melissa Knee High Boot
iconiconHunter Short Boot
iconiconSperry Shearwater Water-Resistant Genuiume Shearling Lined Boot
iconiconHerschel Supply Co. Strand Flight Satin Duffel Bag
iconiconSole Society ‘Susan’ Winged Faux Leather Tote

iconiconSole Society Faux Leather Crossbody Bag

And if you are looking for some trendy new items for the end of summer and fall, there are plenty of new items to shop!  Click here to see the collection!


or shop the catalog here screenshot.png



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